Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bursa Malaysia Open Day

Following the positive feedback received from the Youth Leadership Program organized by MIM KL Toastmasters Club, Bursa Malaysia has invited the team to setup a toastmaster booth during Bursa Malaysia’s HR Open Day. It was indeed a great experience for the Division P Council to engage the public on the benefits of joining Toastmasters with the idea of setting up a Toastmasters Club for the company.

Some of the employees who came and visit our booth registered their interests, and we will indeed be working hard towards realizing this idea!

Upcoming Event (updated 20Oct10)

KL Semi-Annual Convention 29-31 Oct 2010
Div P Christmas Party 14 Dec 2010

Area P1 IS&TT Contest 11 Sep 2010
Area P2 IS&TT Contest 21 Aug 2010
Area P3 IS&TT Contest 28 Aug 2010
Area P4 IS&TT Contest 4 Sep 2010
Area P5 IS&TT Contest 5 Sep 2010

Division P&G TLI2 8 Jan 2011
Division W IS&TT Contest 12 Mar 2011
Division B&G IS&TT Contest 19 Mar 2011
Division P&C IS&TT Contest 26 Mar 2011

Penang Annual Convention 29Apr-1May 2011