Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bursa Malaysia Open Day

Following the positive feedback received from the Youth Leadership Program organized by MIM KL Toastmasters Club, Bursa Malaysia has invited the team to setup a toastmaster booth during Bursa Malaysia’s HR Open Day. It was indeed a great experience for the Division P Council to engage the public on the benefits of joining Toastmasters with the idea of setting up a Toastmasters Club for the company.

Some of the employees who came and visit our booth registered their interests, and we will indeed be working hard towards realizing this idea!

Upcoming Event (updated 20Oct10)

KL Semi-Annual Convention 29-31 Oct 2010
Div P Christmas Party 14 Dec 2010

Area P1 IS&TT Contest 11 Sep 2010
Area P2 IS&TT Contest 21 Aug 2010
Area P3 IS&TT Contest 28 Aug 2010
Area P4 IS&TT Contest 4 Sep 2010
Area P5 IS&TT Contest 5 Sep 2010

Division P&G TLI2 8 Jan 2011
Division W IS&TT Contest 12 Mar 2011
Division B&G IS&TT Contest 19 Mar 2011
Division P&C IS&TT Contest 26 Mar 2011

Penang Annual Convention 29Apr-1May 2011

Friday, October 15, 2010

TMIKL - The Great Debate

Contributed by Sidney Ng, President TMIKL

Albert Einstein once said that it is pure madness to expect the same results when you do the same thing over and over.
In the same vein, TMIKL decided to put a fresh twist to the word debate and table topics. At the same time build camaraderie between supporting sister clubs.

We had our first (and definitely not last), Great TMIKL Debates on the 26th October where we pitted our speakers with visiting club AFC. Mas Rizal, Cyril Jonas and Sandra Ghouse represented TMIKL; while Sean, Hilston and Jack represented AFC.
The twist of the evening was that nobody knew of the topic. A flip of the coin was done to choose which team would select sides PRIOR to knowing about the topic. How is that for a Toastmasters Table Topic challenge?

The topic of the evening was "Is cohabitation the replacement for marriage". Teams were given 5 minutes to prepare and the spills and thrills of the debate begun.
With laughter, logic, sheer intensity, reasoning with even the equation of the iPhone 4's contract to a telco as an metaphor for a marriage contract!

The speakers from both teams put up a good fight with excellent points and "seemingly rehearsed" speeches despite only knowing about the topic on the day itself. TMIKL emerged champions as the proposition team, while Jack from AFC was the best speaker.

TMIKL would like to thank AFC, ITC Bintang and Satu Hati Toastmasters Club for gracing the event and making it a success. It was certainly a night of spills, chills, and laughter for all who attended

Feature Toastmaster - Ivan Pei

By Ivan Pei, DDYPC Member

“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear - not absence of fear.”
Mark Twain (1835 - 1910)
US humorist, novelist, short story author, & wit

I recall first stepping on stage, in front of an auditorium with about 300 of my peers. Blood drained from my hands, my palms were sweaty, my mind a daze. I was scared. No, I was terrified. Luckily for me, I was on a debating team and happened to be the 3rd speaker. Thus, the task of breaking the ice was not mine. The first two speakers on my team did an admirable job despite being obviously petrified. It didn’t help that this was a debate, not just a simple speech.

“Point! How do you explain the loss of obvious humanitarian benefits of alleviating famine and hunger in regions such as Africa by choosing to condemn genetically modified crops that can grow in regions that are otherwise barren?” fired the opposition. My dear team mate answered, “Uh, uhm, ur, genetically modified crops are um, ah, have health risks and are unethical, like I mentioned uh, just now”. Capitalizing on our weak response, the opposition again attacked us, “So, basically what you are saying is that you would rather have them starve to death, rather than take the minor risk of suffering small health complications. I ask you, based on your stance of ethics, which is more ethical, starving to death? Or eating genetically modified crops?”

I still vividly remember stepping up to the microphone as the final speaker facing an opposition that was armed to the teeth and unafraid to lash out at any weakness in our arguments. I was terrified before, now I was on the verge of hysteria. I calmed myself and delivered my speech. It wasn’t great I admit, and we definitely did not win that debate, but after going through that, I can’t say I’m afraid of very many things. At that time, I was fifteen.

Fear of public speaking is very common, and nothing to be ashamed of. Mastering fear is part and parcel of public speaking. Toastmasters International helps you do just that. So how does the courage to speak, the courage to stand out, help in life? I would like to share with you my story and how the art of public speaking has helped me.

At sixteen, I attended the PETRONAS scholarship camp, where over a few days; we had to demonstrate our leadership and speaking skills for their consideration in order to obtain a scholarship. Public speaking training in the past gave me the confidence to voice out my opinions, answer questions and lead groups. Some of my good friends, who were academically better than I was, shied away from the spotlight. They had the willpower to study day and night to get their results, but lacked the courage to display their brilliance.

The way I look at it, hard work leads to good results. Public speaking and courage leads to the display of your results. So, what is the point of working hard and achieving results if nobody knows about it? I eventually was lucky enough to receive a scholarship from PETRONAS to further my studies overseas. The only difference between me and my peers was my courage and ability to market myself. A year later, after pre-university studies, I was on a flight to Sydney to study in Australia’s oldest university, The University of Sydney.

Public speaking helped me secure posts in the Malaysian Society of my university and also during my job interview. I finished my studies at the end of 2008 and was pleased to be informed that I was recommended for a post in PETRONAS. I joined DDYPC Toastmasters because I feel that I can improve much more on my speaking skills. I may have tamed my fear, but with toastmasters, I can now learn to master my fear.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Miri Convention - by Hadzrin Shah

You may have missed the recent Miri annual convention, but that doesn’t mean that you were not fed the whole experience through the many updates from District 51 website, or even tweets from some of the attendees.

So yes, the event was a success as it marks the very last conference that Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei toastmasters got reunited as District 51. Do enjoy the write up from our very capable TM Hadzrin Shah of his recollection what Miri convention is all about (besides the many girls’ contact that he had!)


At this point of writing, I am trying hard to recall all that happened in Miri from my vague memory. I remember what happened since my anxious wait at the LCCT airport before departing to Miri on Thursday. At the waiting hall I met LGM-to-be DTM Ramdas, LGET-to-be DTM Sue Chan and the Penang gang! Not to forget, and surely I did not, my dear friends Hakim, Suhana and my UEM Academy Toastmasters Club President Ridzuan. It was a whole happy Toastmasters family eager to board to trip to the convention.
The Miri Annual Convention 2010 from 21-23 May 2010 in, of course, Miri, Sarawak, was the last District 51 convention to include Peninsula Malaysia, East Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei. On Friday prior to the district officers’ election, the lobby was filled by campaign flyers and banners by the candidates vying for the top posts in District 51 and the new District 87.

There’s nothing much I have to tell about the elections that pursued, except for one havoc moment which to me actually defined the highlight of the event. Division W proposed to split into Division W and Division G. Suddenly out of nowhere from the calmness of the ballroom, came up a suggestion… to rename Division G to Division X! The arguments that ensued create quite a scene that the decision making had to go down to the ballot paper. In the end, Division G was to remain. But it was the day the members opened their eyes to Division X as the future in the making.

Later that night, I remember we were entertained by a musical from Kota Kinabalu Toastmasters Club who were celebrating their 20 years anniversary. It was sweet, and taking pictures with the girls who performed was sweeter.

On Saturday, nothing much happened apart from educational sessions and run-offs. Our favourite uncle from Hilton PJ Toastmasters Club, ATMB Stephen Fernando was at his usual best. Nonetheless we could already see new talents who have earned their right to give Stephen a run for his money.

Then came the grand Gala Dinner. All the delegates were dressed to kill. The ladies were stunning in their black and white dresses and evening gowns, the gentlemen were elegant in their suits and I was so super awesome, tuxedo-clad. The night was fantastic, and again, the pictures I took afterwards with all the girls were marvellous.

The next day, it came down to the grand finale, the final of the contests. The Table Topics contestants set the stage alight with their mind-blowing diverse ideas in tackling the topic. But the International Speech contest was the bomb. I don’t need to add more, you know the ending yourself and I was so happy and super elated that Stephen Fernando won! Uncle, you’ve earned your chance to have a crack at the World Championship again.

It was only after the whole convention has ended and after I boarded the flight back to KL that I realised, the whole weekend was totally super tiring. Nevertheless I went back a happy man, knowing that I have enjoyed so much in a memorable last-one-together-before-we-go-apart convention. District 51 and District 87 will open a new chapter in their fresh books, but all the recollections and memories, together with the girls’ contacts in my phone – plus one on my palm – will forever remain to stay.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Feature Toastmaster - Wan Chee Wing

Dear Toastmasters.
My journey to the Toastmasters world was sort of by chance!
Five years ago, my wife asked me to accompany her with a few friends who have just graduated from a professional trainers program to 'shop' for a Toastmasters club to join - so that they can use it as a platform to practice their new found skill.

My role was merely as an escort. There were a few clubs that were visited and Maxis Toastmasters Club was the last one on the list. I have heard about Toastmasters before, but only in some vague references and never understood the full details of its operation.

My academic background was in the field of Mass Communications, and in the corporate world I have held positions as Advertising & Public Relations Manager, Media Manager, Sponsorship & Events Manager, Sr. Brand Manager, Marketing Manager & so on - and it was part of my job to conduct public speaking and dealing with the media on a regular basis.My first encounter at the Maxis Toastmasters Club meeting was quite an interesting one.

I remember, we were late - as usual, partly to blame the KL traffic and also locating the right meeting room at Maxis. When we finally found the room, we discovered it was packed with rather dignified individuals seated around a table in a large boardroom. Soon, I realized that there was a well structured agenda in conducting the meeting and everyone was rather disciplined. Suddenly, the aura of the Toastmasters movement clipped a couple of positive notches up, in my brain!

We took our seats and as a formality we were asked to introduce ourselves. I sat comfortably and was enjoying the proceedings. Then came the Table Topics session and my name was suggested - I was caught off guard! But, it was a pleasant experience and I started to enjoy those special moments - although for just 2 minutes.

I soon realize that the Toastmasters bug has bitten me and there's no reverse gear! I am thoroughly fond of my club and since then I have never failed to take on a variety of roles from being Table Topics Master to Evaluator, a Speaker to Ah-counter, as General Evaluator for other club meetings to taking part in Contests - every bit of it was of immense joy to me.

I have seen many members upon completing their 10th assignment and achieving their coveted CC title leave the club! This is very disappointing. I have always felt that there's the need to lend continuity and to give back to the very club that has groomed one to be a CC. Only in that manner could proper mentorship be administered. I felt duty bound to play a more effective role in promoting my club to a higher level.
Currently, I have completed my ACG & CL and definitely eyeing for DTM in due course and will definitely stay on with my club, "The Club of Champions" and the "President's Distinguished Club".

Yours in Toastmastering,
Wan Chee Wing, President-Maxis Toastmasters Club 2010/2011

Friday, August 6, 2010

TLI COT 31 Jul Event Update

I always find it a joy to be in UPM, reminiscing the good old days of going back to uni. So the TLI Club Officers Training (COT) conducted last Saturday 31 July was of course, not to be missed.

The Organising Chair, Prof Datuk Dr Wan Zin (also our Past Division P Governor) talked about UPM achievement and support that the university has given to its toastmaster club. It’s glad to note that our COT was held in one of the most reputable university in Malaysia, which says a lot about how Division P wanted to chart its course this year!

In his Opening Remark, our Division P Governor Hakim Hamzah talked about sharing the wealth of knowledge because we are after all, here to learn from each other. And he ended with the grand introduction to the new brand of Division P logo, a symbol of strength and unity amongst its members, and as what he usually quoted, Fiat Sapienta Virtus or Manliness Through Wisdom (sounds familiar huh for some Old Boys).

Our COT was of course entertained by our very humorous TMA Hadzrin Shah who was already practising his humorous speech contest as well as gaining large marketing airtime for his proud investment on Iphone. If only Steve Jobs was there, he would have given him a brand new Iphone 4 for toastmaster endorsement.

Our beloved District Governor, toastmaster Thannimalai who recently earn the title Distinguished Toastmaster was indeed a polished speaker. He shared his 4 critical success factor: CARE (Competent Communicator/Competent Leader, Advance Communicator/Leader, Retention of Club & Recruitment of New Members, Extension of Clubs) and consistently reminding officers the concept of a servant leader.

He end his speech with a very popular quote from Einstein, “A hundred times every day I remind myself that my inner and outer life are based on the labors of other men, living and dead, and that I must exert myself in order to give in the same measure as I have received and am still receiving...” and to work in a humble & simple manner to achieve greatness together.

I love the fact that there is another power lady taking up the District Governor role next year. DTM Sue Chan from Penang was indeed an idol to all those ladies out there. The fact that she opened her speech talking about Paul the famous octopus was already a plus point! She shared the five steps to success – 1) Have a Vision, 2) Set Goal, 3) Build/motivate team, 4) Monitor Progress, 5) Achieve and spoke with confidence and with so much power that inspire the officers to achieve greatness in Education award this year.

A toastmaster training session is of course wouldn’t be complete without tea break, and oh boy, the mee goreng was just fantastic so special credit to the F&B! When it comes to food, who would want to withhold the growling sound coming from the stomach! But it was indeed a great networking opportunity for some of us, and a luncheon to most.

The officers were then asked to break into respective club roles for a more detailed discussion about their roles and responsibilities in the club. I was assigned to facilitate the Secretarial role, something that I’ve not done but very familiar with. I must say that all the club secretaries were an active bunch and we exchange email addresses afterwards to make sure that all contacts are not lost, and secretarial best practices can be shared amongst the attendees.

The wrap up session by TM Palaniappa was the highlight of the day. I think the best take-away I had was on the ‘show me the light, and more light’ illustration where he shared the tips on successfully convincing potential members to join toastmaster, and retention of existing members to continue their journey in toastmasters. But of course TM Hadzrin was quick to point out that his marketing strategy fails to include Iphone application, which of course would serve a great purpose to toastmaster enthusiast :p.

Overall we had very positive feedback from all the officers who attended, and look forward for more training by TLI team :D. Till then
More pictures coming up soon (courtesy of UPM)
Picture credit to DTM Tang Sum Chee

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

TLI Dates for District 51

Dear officers,
For those who are interested to visit other TLI offered by District 51, these might interest you:

3 Jul 2010 - DIVISION C (Venue: Stamford College PJ, PIC: Jamila Khan -
4 Jul 2010 - DIVISION A (Venue: Politeknik Merlimau Melaka, PIC: Tan Eng Suan -
10 Jul 2010 - DIVISION B (Venue: Taylor's College Lakeside, PIC: Lim Lay Kum -
17 Jul 2010 - DIVISION K (Venue: Intel Kulim, PIC: Rajagopal Ragavan -
18 Jul 2010 - DIVISION N&S (Venue: Disted College Penang, PIC: Jessica Ho -
24 Jul 2010 - DIVISION H (Venue: The New Club Taiping, PIC: Sukhdev Singh -
25 Jul 2010 - DIVISION Q (Venue: 39 Persiaran Bayan Indah, PIC: Adrian Swea Kong Yau -
- DIVISION M (Venue: Melaka MCA Lifelong Learning Center, PIC: Jimmy Lee)
31 Jul 2010 - DIVISION B (Venue: Kuantan, PIC: )
- DIVISION P&G (Venue: UPM Serdang, PIC: Dato' Dr Wan Zin -
7 Aug 2010 - DIVISION W (Venue: Wisma IJM PJ, PIC: Sin Siew Fun -

For Division P&G attendees, if you haven't registered with your respective AG, please do so quickly!

Suhana Sidik
Division Public Relation Officer

Thursday, July 8, 2010

TLI#1 for Division P & G ~ 31 July 2010

Yes, the much awaited TLI for Division P Club Officers Training will be conducted very soon! In fact, we will have a joint Division G & P TLI. Info:

Date: 31 July 2010
Venue: UPM Serdang

Please submit your name to your respective Area Governors! There's be plenty of fun learning session, and networking with fellow toastmasters.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Division P Council Members

Hey guys,
You must be wondering what the new lineup for the Division P council members looked like, so here it goes:

Hakim Hamzah
MCOBA & Kelab Pidato KL

Lee Sai Keong, CC, ALB

Nirmala Shanmugam, CC, CL

Cyril Jonas, CC, CL

Victor Lee, ACB, CL
ITC Bintang

Inderbir Singh Khurana, CC

Ron Low Chye Seng, DTM
Ukay & Premier Advance

Mohd Hadzrin Shah, ACB, ALB
UEM Academy

Tanusha Nair

Suhana Sidik, CC, CL
DDYPC & Kelab Pidato

Tang Sum Chee
Telekom Malaysia & TTDI

Give us a buzz if you have great ideas for the division!
For more info visit

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Division P Club Meetings (2010/2011)

MIM KL TMC 1,3&5 Saturday,930am MIM Mgmt House
Semarak TMC 2&4 Wednesday,6pm Damansara Heights
GSCM TMC 1& Wednesday,12pm KLCC
Metro TMC 1,3&5 Thursday,745 pm Vistana Hotel
Magical Tanah Merah TMC 4th Saturday, 815pm Kelantan

Prokhas TMC 2&4 Friday,5pm Bukit Damansara
Prokhas Novice TMC 2&4 Wednesdaym12pm Bukit Damansara
Maxis TMC 2&4 Wednesday,630pm Menara Maxis
Ambank TMC 2&4 Wednesday,630pm Ambank Training
Melia TMC 2&4 Thursday,630pm Melia Hotel

Premier Advanced TMC 4 Saturday,930am Bankers Club
Telekom Malaysia TMC 2&4 Friday, 5pm Menara TM
Satu Hati TMC 2&4 Thursday,7pm Menara PGRM
KL City TMC 1&3 Tuesday,7pm Press Court Hotel
Putra TMC 2&4 Monday,530pm UPM

PWC TMC 1&3 Wednesday,545pm KL Sentral
MCOBA TMC 1&3 Tuesday, 8pm MCOBA,ln Syed Putra
ITC Bintang TMC 1& Wednesday,730pm Federal Hotel, BB
DDYPC TMC 1&3 Thursday,12pm KLCC
MID TMC 2& Thursday,2pm Wisma Sime Darby

TMIKL TMC 2&4 Tuesday,730pm Bankers Club
Ukay TMC 2&4 Monday, 6pm KClub Melawati
Telekom MalaysiaTMC 2&4 Friday,5pm Menara TM
Allianz TMC 1&3 Wednesday,630pm Wisma Allianz
Tiger TMC 3&4 Wednesday,4pm Menara Exxon Mobil

Contact the respective Club President should you wish to make a visit.

Let's Achieve Greatness Together

Welcome everyone to the fresh new term of 2010/2011. Congratulations also to all the newly elected club officers and district officers.

Let’s go high and low to help ensure our clubs and members grow. Grow in yet another journey of toastmasters to ACHIEVE GREATNESS TOGETHER!

Let’s put our hands together to continuously help each other in this journey of self improvement to ensure that it is well worthwhile for everyone, to ensure that we all achieve what we have all set out to achieve in this TOASTMASTERS journey.

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome the latest addition to our Division, Magical Tanah Merah Toastmasters Club in Tanah Merah, Kelantan. This will chart a new chapter and a new history in our Division.

I would urge everyone in the Division to reach out and lend a hand in ensuring that our new ‘baby’ gets all the support that they need to achieve their greatness.

I would like to inspire all leaders in Division P to achieve MANLINESS THROUGH WISDOM. Lead wisely, and we shall all be rewarded handsomely.

P for People Power.

I dedicate this to the clubs and members…

Hakim Hamzah, ACB, ALS Division P Governor 2010/11

Saturday, January 9, 2010

A great big thank you!

Hi everyone, and a great big THANK YOU we would like to wish to all of you who have attended Division P's TLI #2 today, and to all role players pre-TLI#2 and those on the day itself! It wouldn't have been so successful without your presence.

We hope that you have brought home with you many fruitful learnings and words of wisdom that can be shared with your club members :) From the very encouraging words from our LGET Thannimalai ACB CL in achieving DCP points, Dr. Arulnathan DTM on the election system and processes, and Sandrasegaran DTM sharing tips on managing conflict, there is just so much more to know out there. Let's not forget our Division P Area Governors' sharing session, which I feel most clubs would certainly have benefited from.

As it has been repeated several times today, our friendly District, Division and Area Governors are always happy to answer your questions and help you; you just need to ask!

Pictures and series of events when they are out! Have Facebook? We have some pictures up ;) Please assist us in tagging the pictures, or tag yours if you have any. If there has been a particularly memorable experience you have during this TLI, feel free to hit the comment button and share it with us, too.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Division P TLI #2

It has been 6 months since new Club Officers were elected for the term of 09/10. It is time to review our club achievements and realign our strategies if necessary. Join us at TLI #2, and be one of the voices in the forum of club leaders!

Date: 9th Jan 2010 (Sat)
Time: 1:00pm - 5:30pm
Venue: Faculty of Science, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), Serdang (Map attached below)

Below is the agenda of the evening:

Each club needs in attendance a minimum of 4 Club Officers to be awarded half DCP point for the Club Officer training goal in the duration of December to February (Goal #9). What are you waiting for, register now with your Area Governors!