Wednesday, December 16, 2009

District 51 17th Semi-Annual Convention Awards Presentation

At the District 51 17th Semi-Annual Convention, clubs from Division P were recognised for their efforts in the Distinguished Club Program. What is the Distinguished Club Program? How does a club become a Distinguished club of Toastmasters?

"The Distinguished Club Program is an annual program, running from July 1 through June 30. The program consists of 10 goals the club strives to achieve during this time.The progress of the club is tracked throughout the year. At year-end, the club is recognised as a Distinguished Club, Select Distinguished Club or President’s Distinguished Club based on the number of goals achieved and the number of members it has."

Well done everyone! Eight clubs from Division P were represented in receiving their Distinguished Club Award, and we have their photos up here to commemorate their achievements. Let's get to the pictures right away.

President's Distinguished Club Award

Ukay Toastmasters Club

Satu Hati Toastmasters Club

Premier Advance Toastmasters Club

MIMKL Toastmasters Club

Select Distinguished Club Award

AmBank Group Toastmasters Club

Tiger Toastmasters Club

Distinguished Club Award

Semarak Toastmasters Club

PWC Toastmasters Club

Asides from the Distinguished Club Awards, DTM Mandy Ong was awarded District 51's President's Distinguised Area.

Ganesh Sangaran and Mandy Ong has also received their Distinguished Toastmasters Award during the convention!

Division P council members would like to offer the heartiest congratulations to all award recipients. Let us strive harder this term!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Result of 2nd Poll

Why do you join Toastmasters Club?

From the general response, people join because they looking for Public Speaking and Confidence. I'm relief that Business Contact scored a very low mark. Members are lokking up to Toastmasters Club for learning and developing the human touch skill.

Thank you for taking part in the poll.

71% score for Public Speaking and also To be Confidence
58% score for Friendship
27% score for Business Contact

The Winner Was Born!

After 3 hours of contest, here the winners from Division P Humorous and Evaluation Contest 2009.... The torch of Division P will be carried by the Champion to Genting Highland on 23rd October to 25th October 2009!!!

Monday, August 31, 2009

How and Where?? Division P H&E Contest

The nearest available parking spots would be:
a) KLCC Suria Shopping Center - need to walk through the KL ConventionCenter till the Traders Hotel before reaching the lobby

b) KL Convention Center (Aquaria) - will come up from the Aquaria through the KL Convention Center till the Traders Hotel before reaching the lobby

See you there... ...


Where is Menara Exxon Mobil?
Please visit and download the e-map at
Club Exco, Area Governor of Division P, Division Governors... of course WALK-IN are welcome!

No answer?
Don't worry! Please contact the Organizing Chair, Area Governor Sabariah Juso :)

Invitation by,
Sabariah Jusoh
Organizing Chair HSnEC 2009-2010
IPP UKAYTMC 2009-2010
Area Governor P2 2009-2010
Mobile: 019 224 2810

And The Winner is ....!

Congratulation to the winners who have fought all the way and won in the Area Contest!

Let recap the winners circle... ...

The Area Humorous Speech Contest

Champion: Ahmad Salahuddin Ahmad Fakhri from MIMKL TMC
1st Runner Up: Melissa Teoh from Satu Hati TMC

Champion: Shazi Sultan from CPAKL TMC
1st Runner up: Kumar Tharumalingam from Tigers TMC

Champion: Mark Pui from PWC TMC
1st Runner up: Meera Raman from Premier Adv TMC

Champion: Mas Rizal from TMIKL TMC
1st Runner up: Siti Aishah from DDYPC TMC

... ... and the ‘top evaluator’ from

The Area Evaluation Contest

Champion: Ahmad Salahuddin Ahmad Fakhri from MIMKL TMC
1st Runner up: K. Gobinath from Telekom Malaysia TMC

Champion: Sirajudeen Abu Haniffa from CPAKL TMC
1st Runner up: Vanitha Rangganathan from Ambank Group TMC

Champion: Terrence Dass from Melia KL TMC
1st Runner up: Mior Nasir Mior Nazri from Ukay TMC

Champion: Ivan Cheng from ITC Bintang TMC
1st Runner up: Mardhiyah from DDYPC TMC

Who is the champion among the 15 winners in the coming Division P contest? ... ... come and witness the born of the Champion in Division P Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest 2009 on the 5th September 2009 in Menara Exxon Mobil!

My First Public Speaking Experience (Contributed by Ivan Pei ~ DDYPC TMC)

Note to thre reader: The following is a write-up from a Toastmaster posted in Division P Facebook on Sunday, August 23, 2009 at 11:36pm

“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear - not absence of fear.”Mark Twain (1835 - 1910) US humorist, novelist, short story author, & wit

I recall my first experience stepping on stage in front of an auditorium with about 300 of my peers. Blood drained from my hands, my palms were cold & sweaty, my mind in a daze. I was scared. No, I was terrified. Luckily for me, I happened to be the 3rd speaker in my debating team. Thus, the task of breaking the ice was not mine. The first two speakers on my team did an admirable job despite being obviously petrified. It didn’t help that this was a debate, not just a simple speech. “Point! How do you explain the loss of obvious humanitarian benefits of alleviating famine and hunger in regions such as Africa by choosing to condemn genetically modified crops that can grow in regions that are otherwise barren?”, fired the opposition. My dear team mate answered, “Uh, uhm, ur, genetically modified crops are um, ah, have health risks and are unethical, like I mentioned uh, just now”. Capitalizing on our weak response, the opposition again attacked us, “So, basically what you are saying is that you would rather have them starve to death, rather than take the minor risk of suffering small health complications. I ask you, based on your stance of ethics, which is more ethical, starving to death or eating genetically modified crops?”I still vividly remember stepping up to the microphone as the final speaker, facing an opposition that was armed to the teeth and unafraid to lash out at any weakness in our arguments. I was terrified before but now I was on the verge of hysteria. I calmed myself and delivered my speech. It wasn’t great I admit, and we definitely did not win that debate, but after going through that, I can’t say I’m afraid of many things anymore. After all I was only fifteen at that time.The fear of public speaking is very common, and is nothing to be ashamed of. Mastering fear is part and parcel of public speaking. Toastmasters International helps you to do just that in a friendly club environment. So how does the courage to speak, the courage to stand up, help us in life? I would like to share with you my story and how the art of public speaking has helped me.At sixteen, I attended the PETRONAS scholarship camp, where over a few days, we had to demonstrate our leadership and speaking skills for their consideration in order to obtain a scholarship. My earlier public speaking experience gave me the confidence to voice out my opinions, answer questions and lead groups. Some of my good friends, who were academically better than I was, shied away from the spotlight. They had the willpower to study day and night to get their results, but lacked the courage to display their academic brilliance. The way I look at it, hard work leads to good results. Public speaking and courage leads to the display of your results. So, what is the point of working hard and achieving good results if we are not able to express ourselves ? I was lucky enough to receive a scholarship from PETRONAS to further my studies overseas. The only difference between me and my peers was my courage and ability to market myself. A year later, after pre-university studies, I was on a flight to Sydney to study in Australia’s oldest university, The University of Sydney. Public speaking helped me secure posts in the Malaysian Society of my university and also during my job interview. I finished my studies at the end of 2008 and was pleased to be informed that I was recommended for a post in PETRONAS. I joined DDYPC Toastmasters because I know that I can improve much more on my speaking skills. Not only that, I have tamed my fear although I have yet to master it.Join me and the other members of DDYPC Toastmasters in conquering fear, in developing the courage to stand out and finally to excel at whatever we may be doing. Take your first step by attempting the table topics impromptu speaking session. You don’t even have to be a member for that! Come along to our meetings and listen to our many speakers and if you feel up to it, present a short 2 minute speech. Its fun to just come along to listen, and eventually the courage will rub off on you. I look forward to seeing you at our meetings!

Shared by, Ivan Pei Lai Hung
Vice President Membership of DDYPC Toastmasters Club
Mobile: +6016 8861470

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ramadan is Fast Approaching

I wish our muslim friends have a peaceful Ramadan month. Selamat Berpuasa!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Photos - Division P TLI (04.07.09)

Division P TLI COT Round 1 – July 4, 2009

We are all aware of the desire to run a successful club. Indeed, it takes time, selfless effort and dedication to achieve the Presidents Distinguished Club Status. Even though it is not an easy task, but it can be accomplished because you are not alone. We, the District Officers of Division P are twenty four-seven (24 hours and seven days in a week) ready to lend you our hands, to work with you as a team to embark on this challenging journey…….

The first round of Division P TLI Club Officer Training (COT) was held on Saturday, July 4, 2009 at the Stamford College, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. The objective was to provide the incoming club officers with a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities. I must congratulate DTM Bernard Louis, the Organizing Chair, for making this COT a well organized event. Bernard delivered his role as emcee and Toastmaster of the Day impeccably throughout the entire programme. The COT started and finished on time.

The Invocation and Opening Address by Division P Governor, CTM ALS Dr Caren Lee was truly inspiring. She made us realize that all of us have within us the potential to become a leader and our leadership journey begins from our club, the same place where she grew and today has transformed her into the leader of Division P.

Our Lieutenant Governor Education & Training (LGET), ACB CL Thannimalai inspired the participants by sharing his journey in Toastmasters, beginning from the humble Sergeant-at-Arms (SAA) to where he is today. He is such a motivational speaker where his presentation on the ‘Five Steps to Success’ encouraged us to focus more on the Distinguished Club Program.

After the enlightening speech, we had the breakout sessions where officers were assigned to groups according to their portfolio. On each respective group, besides a brief rundown on the officer’s roles and responsibilities, the facilitators also highlighted the upcoming challenges while performing the tasks.

Moving on to the second part of the COT, there was an elective session where club officers could choose to attend either of these 3 presentations - ‘Motivating Achievement’, ‘Competent Leader’ & ‘High Performance Leadership’ , which was conducted by ACS NK Valli, DTM Tang Sum Chee & PDG DTM Dr. Arul respectively.

Right after the elective section, the training continued with another important session on ‘Attracting New Member’ by our Lieutenant Governor Marketing, DTM Francis Ng. He enlightened us on the importance of maintaining the standard of our club meetings consistently because it is the ‘Product’ that attracts new members to come and join the club.

I personally liked the dialogue session conducted by the LGET & LGM, where we all learned a lot through experience sharing. Of course, not forgetting the promotion of KL Semi Annual Convention in Genting Highland by DTM Azmi Shahrin, and he really attracted many Toastmasters to sign up because the convention package was unbelievably affordable.

In conclusion, the COT was conducted successfully with a total attendance of 112 club officers. Many of us came out of the training room with higher morale, greater enthusiasm, better knowledge and a renewed focus.

With our new strength, we look forward to a successful term ahead!

Reported by,
Eu Choi San, CC
Area P3 Governor 2009/2010

Friday, July 3, 2009

Toastmasters Dist 51 Division P is at FACEBOOK

Find us at Facebook by 4 simple steps:

1. Log in to Facebook (

2. Search Toastmasters Dist 51 Division P

3. This Page will appear

4. Click on Become a fan to check out more




Sunday, June 28, 2009

Upcoming Event - July 4th

For direction, please refer to google map.. Thx..

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Toastmasters International Theme for 2009/10

“Toastmasters: Confidence. Leadership. Service”

Toastmasters International is in the building business. We don’t build homes or automobiles or other structures; we build people—with confidence, leadership and service.

Confidence Before we become skilled communicators and leaders, we first gain the self-assurance and belief that we can indeed become who we were meant to be. Toastmasters provides the tools to build our confidence.

Leadership After we gain confidence, we develop our talents in leading others. Leadership is the process of influencing others to accomplish goals and objectives. Every single one of us is a leader, whether we serve as an elected officer, a mentor to a fellow club member, or simply invite a friend to visit a club. Leading others helps us lead our own lives in the direction of our dreams.

Service With our improved confidence and leadership skills, we then serve others. When you help others achieve their goals and dreams, they help you achieve yours. Your self-confidence continues to grow and expand, as do your leadership skills, and when these are combined, your capacity to serve others is enhanced. The circle of personal development grows and continues!

Serving the World Service extends beyond Toastmasters. With the confidence and leadership skills Toastmasters instills in each of us, it is our opportunity and responsibility to use those talents to serve and improve the world. Serve your family, your community and your profession. Make the world a better place than it was before you arrived.

Call to Action Whether you are a new member, an officer or a past leader, keep the ideals of confidence, leadership and service ever-present in your mind through the coming year. Continue to engage in Toastmasters’ education programs, achieve in the Distinguished Club, Area, Division and District programs, bring new members to your clubs, and involve yourself in all the programs and events Toastmasters International offers. With all these tools for the taking, you will improve your life, the lives of your fellow members, and the lives of all those in the world who are touched daily by the power of Toastmasters.

(Summary from a speech by Gary, the president)