Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Toastmasters International Theme for 2009/10

“Toastmasters: Confidence. Leadership. Service”

Toastmasters International is in the building business. We don’t build homes or automobiles or other structures; we build people—with confidence, leadership and service.

Confidence Before we become skilled communicators and leaders, we first gain the self-assurance and belief that we can indeed become who we were meant to be. Toastmasters provides the tools to build our confidence.

Leadership After we gain confidence, we develop our talents in leading others. Leadership is the process of influencing others to accomplish goals and objectives. Every single one of us is a leader, whether we serve as an elected officer, a mentor to a fellow club member, or simply invite a friend to visit a club. Leading others helps us lead our own lives in the direction of our dreams.

Service With our improved confidence and leadership skills, we then serve others. When you help others achieve their goals and dreams, they help you achieve yours. Your self-confidence continues to grow and expand, as do your leadership skills, and when these are combined, your capacity to serve others is enhanced. The circle of personal development grows and continues!

Serving the World Service extends beyond Toastmasters. With the confidence and leadership skills Toastmasters instills in each of us, it is our opportunity and responsibility to use those talents to serve and improve the world. Serve your family, your community and your profession. Make the world a better place than it was before you arrived.

Call to Action Whether you are a new member, an officer or a past leader, keep the ideals of confidence, leadership and service ever-present in your mind through the coming year. Continue to engage in Toastmasters’ education programs, achieve in the Distinguished Club, Area, Division and District programs, bring new members to your clubs, and involve yourself in all the programs and events Toastmasters International offers. With all these tools for the taking, you will improve your life, the lives of your fellow members, and the lives of all those in the world who are touched daily by the power of Toastmasters.

(Summary from a speech by Gary, the president)

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