Monday, August 31, 2009

How and Where?? Division P H&E Contest

The nearest available parking spots would be:
a) KLCC Suria Shopping Center - need to walk through the KL ConventionCenter till the Traders Hotel before reaching the lobby

b) KL Convention Center (Aquaria) - will come up from the Aquaria through the KL Convention Center till the Traders Hotel before reaching the lobby

See you there... ...


Where is Menara Exxon Mobil?
Please visit and download the e-map at
Club Exco, Area Governor of Division P, Division Governors... of course WALK-IN are welcome!

No answer?
Don't worry! Please contact the Organizing Chair, Area Governor Sabariah Juso :)

Invitation by,
Sabariah Jusoh
Organizing Chair HSnEC 2009-2010
IPP UKAYTMC 2009-2010
Area Governor P2 2009-2010
Mobile: 019 224 2810

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