Friday, October 15, 2010

TMIKL - The Great Debate

Contributed by Sidney Ng, President TMIKL

Albert Einstein once said that it is pure madness to expect the same results when you do the same thing over and over.
In the same vein, TMIKL decided to put a fresh twist to the word debate and table topics. At the same time build camaraderie between supporting sister clubs.

We had our first (and definitely not last), Great TMIKL Debates on the 26th October where we pitted our speakers with visiting club AFC. Mas Rizal, Cyril Jonas and Sandra Ghouse represented TMIKL; while Sean, Hilston and Jack represented AFC.
The twist of the evening was that nobody knew of the topic. A flip of the coin was done to choose which team would select sides PRIOR to knowing about the topic. How is that for a Toastmasters Table Topic challenge?

The topic of the evening was "Is cohabitation the replacement for marriage". Teams were given 5 minutes to prepare and the spills and thrills of the debate begun.
With laughter, logic, sheer intensity, reasoning with even the equation of the iPhone 4's contract to a telco as an metaphor for a marriage contract!

The speakers from both teams put up a good fight with excellent points and "seemingly rehearsed" speeches despite only knowing about the topic on the day itself. TMIKL emerged champions as the proposition team, while Jack from AFC was the best speaker.

TMIKL would like to thank AFC, ITC Bintang and Satu Hati Toastmasters Club for gracing the event and making it a success. It was certainly a night of spills, chills, and laughter for all who attended

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